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Club Care - Team

Owner/President Jeff Gardner:

Here is a little bit about Jeff, his experience and how ClubCare got started.

In 1989, Jeff answered an ad for a job in the fitness industry and was hired on at Randal Sports Medical the original parent company of the Stairmaster. As a service technician for the hottest selling commercial fitness equipment of the time, Jeff quickly saw the need for a skilled and reliable service company. He organized a team that would excel in excellent customer service and satisfaction. ClubCare opened its doors in 1996 and has been running strong ever since. In his spare time you can find Jeff spending time with his wife and kids at sporting events or on the golf course.
Featured Technicians:
Ken Hagerstrand
Kenneth Hagerstrand
"My name is Ken Hagerstrand. I have worked for ClubCare for over 5 years. In my spare time I like to fish, renovate my house, and pretend I am a musician. I love a challenge, your equipment may be just the challenge I need."

- Ken H.
Milla Mironoff
Milla Mironoff
"I have been working on fitness equipment for over 18 years and still enjoy the challenge of repairing equipment. Things I enjoy to do are walk my dogs, ride my bike, swim, scuba dive, snorkel, boogie board, Kayak and travel."

- Milla M.
Frank Quintanilla
Frank Quintanilla
"It makes me feel very good to see the smile on my costumers face after I fix their machines."

- Frank Q.
Frank Quintanilla
"I've always believed that I have been truly blessed by what the Bay Area has to offer. Born and raised in San Francisco I have found that its greatest asset is its people. I've been a tech for over 5 years now and what draws me to this field is the unique interactions that we have every day. Where else would you rather be?"

- Miguel
Office Staff:

Club Care - Office Staff

(in order from left to right)

Elise Gardner - Office Manager/Accounting
Jeanna Nenni - Administrative Assistant
Jeff Rogers
- Operations Manager

e have been very pleased with Club Care. They are proactive, quick to respond and our members have really noticed a positive difference in the maintenance of our equipment. Have a strong equipment maintenance team behind us allows us to deliver the high quality product and service our members expect.

ennifer Beaton

 Vice President of Fitness
 Western Athletic Clubs

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